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Republic Services Anaheim & Huntington Beach Strike Press Coverage

December 20, 2021

Please click below to read all the press coverage of the December 2021 Republic Services Anaheim & Huntington Beach Strike


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Cal Matters: New legislation shines light on algorithm-driven workplaces

July 28, 2021


Assembly Bill 701 requires employers like Amazon to disclose workplace quotas and curbs the ability to penalize workers for “time off-task.”

Ron Herrera on the What's Goin On Show

November 30, 2020


Award winning Host Jedediah Johnson Interviews Western Region Vice President Ron Herrera and Local 186 Secretary Treasurer/ Principal Officer Abel Garcia

Standing Up for Strong Communities and Good Jobs at the Port of Los Angeles

April 23, 2019


We are currently living at a critical juncture in American history. Income inequality is at an all-time high.

Corporations are making billions of dollars in profits while ordinary working families are struggling to put food on the table. 

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Teamsters Support The DREAM and Promise Act

March 12, 2019


The Teamsters Union applauds today’s introduction of The Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6), by Reps. Roybal-Allard (C-CA), Velazquez (D-NY) and Clarke (D-NY). 

Teamsters Stand With Immigrants; Because Immigrant Rights are Worker Rights!

FEBRUARY 13, 2019


This week, immigrant workers from multiple Unions from across the U.S. traveled to our Nation’s Capital in Washington D.C. to participate in a Day of Action organized by Working Families United. 

Teamsters Don't Mourn, We Organize!

JUNE 27, 2018


Today, the American Labor Movement has received some tough news. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued its ruling regarding the Janus v. AFSCME case which effectively makes all public sector workers right to work under a union contract without the obligation to pay for the support of their brothers and sisters.

Teamsters Honor the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


JANUARY 15, 2018

Today, we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man who dedicated his life to empowering communities of color and to fighting for the rights of working people. Dr. King has a special connection to the work that we do as Teamsters. 

Teamsters Must Stand In Support of TPS!

JANUARY 8, 2018


Today, the Federal Government announced the end to Temporary Protective Status that covers over 200,000 Salvadorans who live in the United States.

Why We Must Organize to Rebuild The American Dream

MARCH 27, 2017


The recipe for rebuilding the American middle class can be achieved through a strong, organized workforce that provides all workers, including immigrants, with a voice on the job.