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Victor Mineros
Secretary Treasurer

Victor Mineros began his career as a rank and file UPS Teamster, participating in the historic 1997 UPS strike. He then became an Organizer and Business Representative for Teamsters Local 396, representing members at UPS and in the sanitation industry. Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien also recently selected Victor to serve in the vital role of Assistant Director of the Teamsters Package Division for the Western Region. 


Alex Moran

Alex Moran is proud to serve as our Local's President. He is a proud Teamster who uses his skills every day to serve our members.

Javier Bonales
Vice President

After coming up the ranks as a sanitation worker, Javier Bonales is proud to serve as our Local Union's Vice President in order to continue building Teamster power.

David Castro
Recording Secretary

After serving as a rank and file UPS Shop Steward, David Castro now serves our Local by helping new generations of Teamsters build their own power.

Rafael Camacho

Rafael Camacho is proud of his years of service as a sanitation worker and has made it his life's purpose to serve our members.

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Jorge Gomez

As a dedicated Waste Management shop steward, Jorge Gomez believes in the rights of working people to come together and bargain for a better future.


Juan Gutierrez

As a dedicated UPS Shop Steward, Juan Gutierrez brings years of experience to our Local Union.

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