Republic Services Contract Update: March 2018

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Across the country, Teamsters at Republic Services are organizing for a strong contract that will ensure dignity and respect at work and a better life for our families.

The hard work that we do every day ensures that communities across the country are kept clean and safe. It's time for Republic to acknowledge our hard work. We must stand together, now more than ever to show Republic that Teamsters don't back down.

By working with our rank and file bargaining committee, we will continue working hard to bargain for stronger contract language that will ensure a bright future for Teamsters at Republic Services.

  • Protection of Bargaining Unit Work

  • More Route Bidding Opportunities

  • Safer Working Conditions

  • GPS Tracking Protections

  • Improved Discipline Language

  • Improved Grievance Process

  • Better Accident Language

  • Increased Sick Days

  • Increased Jury Duty Days

  • Increased Funeral Days

  • Immigration Protections

  • Double Pay After 12 Hours

  • Increased Boot Allowance

  • Increased Tool Allowance

  • Night Shift Differential Pay

  • ASE Certification Bonuses