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Teamsters Local 396 Is “Uniting For Power” To Win A Strong UPS Contract In 2023

August 1, 2022

Today marks one year before the expiration of the National UPS Contract

between UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The following statement was issued by Ron Herrera, Secretary Treasurer and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 396, which represents 10,000 UPS workers in California. Teamsters Local 396 is the largest UPS Local on the West Coast.

“Today marks exactly one year before our contract with UPS expires. The time has come to “Unite For Power.” It will take the strength and commitment of our membership in Local 396 to win a strong contract at UPS in 2023 that ensures good wages, job security, health insurance, and a solid retirement plan. We also approach the 25th anniversary of the historic 1997 UPS strike, where members of Local 396 stood shoulder to shoulder to fight off this corporate giant and demonstrated what could be achieved through united national action. This member action resulted in an increase in full-time jobs and better benefits for thousands of Teamsters. Now, as we get closer to the expiration of this contract, Local 396 members must stand united.

Our membership is facing many challenges that impact their livelihoods. UPS Teamsters worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic earning the company record profits due to the increase in online deliveries. While the company may call its workers essential, many UPS employees, especially our part time members, struggle to survive and provide for their families.

Our members’ determination will be tested, but only through unity will we be able to win the fair contract we deserve. Our Local Union will launch a contract campaign at every UPS hub in our jurisdiction to prepare for the fight ahead. Local 396 members stand ready to unite with their Brothers and Sisters across this country to win a strong contract in 2023 for all UPS Teamsters.”


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