Teamsters UPS Local Union Leaders to Meet August 9

Leaders of local unions that represent UPS Teamsters including Local 396 will meet on August 9th to review all tentative agreements.

The meeting is known as a “Two-Person” meeting because two leaders from each local union are invited to attend.

Meanwhile, after another round of negotiating sessions, the Teamsters UPS Supplemental Negotiating Committees have reached tentative agreements on many supplements to the National Master UPS agreement. However, there are some supplemental agreements which have not been finalized. The outstanding supplements are: Local 804, and the Southwest Package and Sort Rider which covers Local 396.

After the Two-Person meetings, upon approval of the tentative agreements by the local union leaders, the tentative agreements will be sent to the membership for a ratification vote.

We appreciate your patience while we finish our contract negotiations. We will schedule meetings with all our Local 396 UPS members before any ratification vote and explain the contract improvements. Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process.