UPS Contract Update: April 12, 2019

In the latest update on our UPS Contract, the Teamsters/UPS National Negotiating Committee met via conference call this morning, April 12th.

UPS Package Director Denis Taylor informed the Committee that the only remaining open supplement, the Metro Detroit Local 243 Rider, will be scheduled for a ratification vote on either April 27th or April 28th.

The Local 243 negotiating committee, with the assistance of the IBT Package Division, have reached a tentative agreement that comes with a full recommendation for a "yes" vote from the Local 243 negotiating committee and the leadership of Local 243. This development bodes well for a ratification.

If ratified this would allow all the UPS agreements to go into effect. We will update you with the results of the Local 243 Rider vote immediately after their vote. Thanks for your patience throughout the bargaining process.