UPS Contract Update: Informed Members Are Strong Members!

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing to update you regarding our ongoing contract negotiations with UPS. As you are aware, a settlement in principle was reached on the UPS/Teamsters National Master Agreement. We are currently negotiating our UPS/Teamsters Western Region Supplemental Agreement, Southwest Package and Sort Rider, and our Local 396 Addendum.

As we near the end of negotiations, it is important to remember that in order for us to win a strong contract we need to know the facts about our agreement and we need to be unified. We will have meetings with our UPS members to explain the agreement as soon as we are finished with our supplements and have a finished product for you to read.

Please be wary of outsiders who are moving their own political agenda by trying to divide our membership in an effort to weaken us. You will see lies and half-truths on the internet, put out by people who intentionally misinterpret our agreement.

Remember, this contract should be about our families and should not be used as a political tool to further someone’s political ambitions. The final terms of the contract are not finished, so it is irresponsible for anyone to recommend a no vote, before it is completed.

When reviewing the contract, keep in mind that there are issues that UPS Teamster Locals are facing in other parts of the country that we do not have here in Local 396.  For example, we have the strongest pension and healthcare plans in the country and rest assured, we will keep it that way.

There has been much controversy and misinformation spread about the creation of new 22.4 combination drivers. This position will be part of our jurisdiction, however we are still negotiating the conditions surrounding this new classification. Here are the facts that we do know about these proposed jobs.

These are new full-time positions with full-time benefits that will create new opportunities for part-timers as opposed to Cover Driving jobs that provide

part-time benefits. The jobs of regular full-time package car drivers will be protected and guaranteed. A 22.4 driver cannot replace a regular package car driver.

We appreciate your patience while we finish our contract negotiations. Again, once all the contracts are negotiated, we will schedule meetings with all our UPS members and explain the contract improvements. Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process.

Ron Herrera,


Teamsters Local 396