UPS Contract Update: May 2018

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please be assured that the best interest of our UPS members is what guides our decision making in UPS contract negotiations. You have a commitment from your Local Union Leadership that you will be given accurate information that is not tainted by politics and half-truths.  UPS contract negotiations continue, and we will keep updating you throughout the process. But remember, not all contract issues in these negotiations are relevant to our Western Region Supplements and Riders because of the strong financial position of our Pension and Health & Welfare Funds.

Rest assured, we will fight back together as one, against any attempt to weaken our contract language. Your Local Union leadership will win improvements to our contract language and benefits during our negotiations.  We will not accept weak language that diminishes your rights.

You will be updated regularly with newsletters during our UPS negotiations. Your monthly General Membership Meetings are also a source of the most recent and accurate information regarding UPS contract negotiations.  We will also have special contract review meetings with our UPS membership prior to voting any tentative agreement.

Ron Herrera, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 396

Here is the most recent information on contract negotiations with UPS.

Hybrid Drivers

There has been a proposal made to create a new “hybrid” driver classification. This new classification was created to address the need for UPS to service both Saturday and Sunday work and it would eliminate the need for Package Drivers to work weekends. The specific terms of the use of “Hybrid” drivers is still subject to negotiation. We will only support language that benefits our membership. 

Strike Authorization!

  •  If a strike authorization vote is authorized by your UPS Local Union leaders, then you will have the opportunity to vote by electronic balloting on whether to approve a strike.

  • Your contract does not expire until August 1, and a strike cannot be called while the contract is in effect. However, in order to secure the best possible contract for our members, we must send a strong message to UPS that Local 396 UPSers demand a good contract.

  • The strike vote will be completed in time for the UPS national negotiations scheduled the week of June 6.

Improve Wages, Pension & Benefits

  •  Article 22 - Increased part-time starting wage rate and improving the wage structure.

  • Article 34- Increased health and welfare contributions.

  • Article 40 - Increased wage progression rates and improvements to overtime provisions.

  • Article 41 - Reducing the length of the four-year wage progression and increase the start rates.

Protection From Feeder Subcontracting

  • Limit the use of Coyote Logistics by UPS, to subcontract feeder work.

  • Protect existing Local 396 feeder work while ensuring continued growth in Local 396 feeder jobs. 

  •  Create more opportunities for UPSers to promote from part-time to full-time positions while also creating more package to feeder promotions.