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Vote for the UPS Tentative Agreement Today!

All active rank-and-file UPS Teamsters can begin voting on the new UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement. Voting will remain open from August 3 to August 22 – the final results being announced on August 22. Active UPS Teamsters will receive voting instructions in the mail.

Teamsters local unions representing 340,000 full- and part-time workers at UPS voted 161-1 on Monday to endorse the tentative agreement. That evening, more than 30,000 UPS Teamsters tuned in to hear Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman provide updates on the historic tentative agreement for a new UPS National Master Agreement.

  • Big raises for all Teamsters throughout the contract

  • Higher wage increases than any previous agreement

  • Catch-up raises for long-time part-timers at UPS

  • No less than $21 per hour for new part-time hires

  • 7,500 new full-time jobs

  • 22,500 job openings filled

  • No more unfair two-tier wage system for drivers

  • Martin Luther King Day as a full holiday for the first time

  • No more forced overtime on drivers’ scheduled days off

  • Air conditioning, heat shields, cargo ventilation, more fans

  • Thousands of new ice machines and water fountains

  • New seasonal work opportunities for part-timers — with 8-hour guarantees

  • Protections to limit off-the-street seasonal hires for the first time

With tens of billions of dollars coming back from UPS and Wall Street and going directly into the pockets of hardworking families, the Teamsters organized one of the most intimidating strike threats in all of labor. And Teamsters won the most lucrative contract for workers in the history of UPS.

Major wage increases create real parity for workers across all classifications. A committed workforce of long-time part-timers will be rewarded with longevity raises on top of general wage increases. An unfair two-tier wage system that hung heavy over Teamsters for the last five years will be demolished at UPS — a feat rarely achieved during union contract negotiations.

Following decades of givebacks, Teamsters have wrested more money out of UPS's greedy hands than at any other point in history. This agreement finally begins to reverse 20 years of concessions and moves our members toward a stronger future.

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