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CR&R Perris & Cherry Valley Teamsters Win Reinstatement and Over $600,000 Settlement!

The Executive Board of Teamsters Local 396 congratulates our brave Brothers and Sisters at CR&R Perris and Cherry Valley. A group of workers recently won a massive settlement, including reinstatement, retroactive pension contributions, and over $600,000 dollars in back pay and damages after being illegally terminated for exercising their legal right to organize a Union.

This group of 11 workers was part of the organizing effort of over 300 workers at CR&R that successfully won their NLRB union election in 2020 and negotiated a great first contract with Teamsters Local 396 in 2021. This tremendous victory was won despite the company's intimidation tactics which included hiring union busters and terminating several workers.

As part of the settlement that our Local Union fought for, the terminated workers got their jobs back with full seniority. Additionally, they received a monetary settlement of $625,000 dollars, including retroactive wages, compensatory damages, and pension contributions.

Ron Herrera, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396, stated, “The courage demonstrated by this group of essential workers is admirable. They are living examples of what it means to practice solidarity, which is the cornerstone of our Local Union’s proud history. This settlement is one of the largest that our Local Union has won in the sanitation industry, and it would not have been possible without the courage and sacrifice of our members at CR&R, who kept up the fight and never gave up hope throughout this lengthy process.”


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