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Teamsters Local 396 Members Ratify New Agreements Securing Improved Wages, Pension, and Health Benefits with Angels and Citrus Feed

Covina, CA – Teamsters Local 396 proudly announces that our hardworking members employed at Angels and Citrus Feed, serving racetracks across Southern California, have overwhelmingly ratified new agreements, marking a significant milestone in their ongoing pursuit of fair compensation and improved working conditions.

After weeks of negotiations, the dedicated members of Teamsters Local 396 voted in favor of the new agreements, which promise substantial enhancements to their wages, pension plans, and healthcare benefits. These provisions reflect the commitment of the union to prioritize the well-being and livelihoods of the workers who contribute tirelessly to the success of racetracks throughout the region.

The ratified agreements represent a victory for Teamsters Local 396 members, demonstrating the power of collective bargaining and the unwavering determination of workers to secure a better future for themselves and their families. The improved wages, pension plans, and healthcare benefits stand as a testament to the strength and solidarity of the union in advocating for its members' interests.

Teamsters Local 396 reaffirms its dedication to continue fighting for fair wages, secure pensions, and comprehensive healthcare for its members across all industries.


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