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Victor Mineros Voted Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396

Ron Herrera announced on August 31st, in a letter to the membership of Teamsters Local 396, that he will be retiring as Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396. Ron Herrera served as Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396 since 2003, empowering thousands of essential workers to win respect on the job and create a pathway to the middle class provided by a Teamster contract.

The Executive Board of Teamsters Local 396 has voted for Victor Mineros to serve as Secretary Treasurer / Principal Officer for the remainder of the current three-year term. Victor Mineros began his career as a rank and file UPS Teamster, participating in the historic 1997 UPS strike. He then became an Organizer and Business Representative for Teamsters Local 396, representing members at UPS and in the sanitation industry. Teamsters General President Sean O'Brien also recently selected Victor to serve in the vital role of Assistant Director of the Teamsters Package Division for the Western Region.

This news comes on the heels of the upcoming 2023 UPS contract fight, where over 350,000 Teamsters across the United States, including members of Teamsters Local 396, will be fighting to win a strong contract that seeks to end excessive overtime, eliminate the two-tier wage 22.4 job classification, increase part-time pay and the number of full-time jobs, improve job security for feeder and package drivers, address safety and health concerns around heat illness, and provide stronger protection against company harassment.

Victor Mineros, Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396, stated, “As I take on this new role as Secretary Treasurer, I am grateful for leaders like Ron Herrera, who mentored rank and file Teamsters like myself to speak up and be militant. We have a strong foundation here at Teamsters Local 396, and I look forward to building upon that proud legacy. I started my career as a rank and file member at the UPS San Gabriel hub. I remember walking the picket line proudly in the summer of 1997 as Teamsters across the country fought to provide a better future for our families. It’s my honor to serve the membership of Teamsters Local 396 in this new role as Principal Officer during this historical moment when support for Unions in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Whether it’s the 2023 UPS contract fight, fighting for essential workers in the sanitation industry, or organizing workers at Amazon, Teamsters Local 396 will be on the frontlines, fighting to ensure a better life for both current and future generations of Teamsters.”


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