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Teamsters Local 396 Members at Genesis Logistics Achieve Historic Victory With New Contract

Covina California – Teamsters Local 396 is thrilled to announce a landmark achievement as the hardworking and essential members at Genesis Logistics have overwhelmingly ratified a new contract that sets a new standard for their employment conditions. This remarkable victory highlights the dedication and commitment of these essential workers who play a crucial role in delivering food to 7-Eleven stores throughout Southern California.

The new contract, signifies a significant leap forward in the terms and benefits secured for the members. It is a testament to the relentless efforts and unity of the workers, their representatives, and the company. The improved conditions encompass a wide array of provisions that aim to enhance the livelihoods and well-being of the dedicated workforce.

Highlights of the new contract include:

Wage Increases: Members will benefit from substantial wage increases, reflecting their invaluable contributions and recognizing their role as essential workers in the food supply chain.

Enhanced Benefits Package: The contract introduces an enriched benefits package that encompasses healthcare, retirement plans, and other essential coverage, ensuring that the workers and their families receive the support they deserve.

Job Security: The agreement includes measures to bolster job security, ensuring a stable and sustainable work environment for the Teamsters Local 396 members.

Improved Working Conditions: Efforts to enhance working conditions have led to key improvements in safety protocols, equipment, and training, underscoring the company's commitment to its employees' well-being.

Union Representation: The new contract reinforces the strong partnership between Teamsters Local 396 and Genesis Logistics, providing workers with a collective voice and fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

"I am immensely proud of our members at Genesis Logistics for their unwavering determination and resilience throughout this negotiation process," said Victor Mineros, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 396. "This new contract not only recognizes their indispensable role in ensuring food reaches our communities but also reflects our commitment to securing the best possible terms for our hardworking members."

The ratified contract at Genesis Logistics serves as a model for the industry, setting a benchmark for fair labor practices and demonstrating the positive outcomes that can be achieved through collective bargaining.


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